We have been assisting Seniors with their Insurance needs throughout the United States since 1992.

  • We are licensed with numerous Insurance Companies that offer Medicare Supplement plans, to be able to offer you as many choices and to help find you the best prices and coverage.
  • We are always ready to answer any and all questions you might have, to help assist you in finding the right plan, even if no sale is involved. Feel free to call us at you conveience.
  • We offer you instant quotes on here -, no need to wait for an email with prices, like many websites will do.
  • This is our website, Our agency. We do not sell any information to anyone, like many websites that offer free quotes do. You wil not be contacted by numourous agents.
  • We take pride in still doing this the old fashined way, and even though we are online, and up to date with current ways of marketing, we still prefer to meet our clients in person, if they are available.
  • We try to stay in contact with our cleints from time to time, to make sure that they are happy with thier current plan, and to answer any new questions thye might have.
  • We look forward to assisting you in finding a Medicare Supplement Plan. We hope that we will make your time involved in finding a plan as effortless as possible. Being involved in Medicare Supplement sales since 1992, we know that we must constanly learn, and to work hard to offer you the best service we can. Thank you for your time.